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Nice classy selection of frames, that you can not find anywhere else in logan. Great service that doesn't stop after you buy the glasses. On top of all that the are affordable.

Heidi R.

Brought in my five year old with his prescription and we left about 40 minutes later with his actual glasses in hand! Talk about fast! A smooth and easy experience! Great customer service. Thanks to holli and the other ladies!

Courtney N.

Staff makes getting new glasses exciting. They know their stuff and offer plenty of suggestions without being pushy or overbearing. Krystal offers great quality brands that are top of the line.

Jesse W.

I took my daughter to Krystal vision for her first pair of glasses and they were so great! They helped her picked out a perfect pair and got her excited to wear them! Such a great experience!

Krisan P.

We purchased a pair of glasses for my son recently and were very pleased with the overall transaction. The staff did an excellent job walking us through the options available, making comparisons and helping us find what worked best for him. We'll definitely continue shopping here.

Jody C.

The professionals at Krystal Vision are very helpful and friendly. They are experts, so you know that you will get the glasses that are the best fit/style for you. Thank you for excellent customer service.

Jennifer W.

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