Back to School

Back to school season is in full swing here in Utah. Our schools have been back in session for about a week and Utah State University students are getting ready to wrap up their first week of the semester too. Over the last month of summer we all have focused on getting the cute new shoes and the top to match, but one big thing typically becomes an afterthought, glasses. For those of us that need prescription eyewear, this is one of the biggest times we notice that our Rx has changed. You may be thinking, "Man, I just can't read that small print on the projector." Or you're constantly squinting trying to get the writing and pictures to come into focus. These are both signs that you need new glasses.

While college students and kids in high school can obviously notice the difference easier than younger children, that doesn't mean that our little humans don't need prescription lenses. If parents notice kids squinting often or holding books close to their faces that could be a sign that it's time for an eye exam. It's very important to stay on top of our children's eye health because we learn the most throughout our childhood and adolescence, and being able to see correctly is especially crucial to helping with that.

Similar to kids in grade school, it's much more difficult to learn while being unable to see clearly. So if you feel like things aren't crisp and just a little fuzzy it may be time to get in to a trusted local Ophthalmologist or Optometrist to get your vision tested. And after receiving your prescription there are so many fun options for glasses now.

Frames for Kids

We love helping kids whether it's their very first pair of glasses or their tenth pair of glasses. And we have searched extensively for the perfect frames and lens combinations to help our next generations see best. One of these brands are Nano Vista, these are available in all of our stores and are virtually indestructible while still being cute and stylish.

Nano Vista kids glasses

Frames for High School and College Students

We understand it becomes more about style than function as we get older. So we are constantly looking for the hottest styles and the next trends in eyewear. By doing so we have quickly become known for carrying the most stylish glasses in Logan. From our own house brands to outside brands like Raen, Modo, Gigi Barcelona, and so many others. The hardest part for our customers is usually narrowing down their choices to just one or two they like!

Gigi Barcelona glasses

As you can see back to school is a crucial time to make sure we are seeing correctly. So it's a great time to get in to your eye doctor and get a new pair of glasses to freshen up your look and make sure you start the new school year off on the right foot!