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Bespoke Eyewear Has Arrived!

Custom bespoke eyewear is finally available at Krystal Vision, just in time for the holidays! You're probably wondering what custom eyewear actually entails? This post should give you a better idea of what to expect and what's possible when it comes to fine tailored eyewear.

What does Custom Eyewear really mean?

Our custom eyewear is made specifically for you! It's tailor fit to your facial features, meaning a perfect fit on your bridge and the exact temple length needed for a comfortable fit. The shape is made specifically for you and the design is a one of one design with only you in mind. You're able to pick what materials you'd like to use from the finest European and Japanese cellulose acetate, exotic woods, or even ethically sourced water buffalo horn. You also get to pick and choose the colors and patterns you would like to use. So as you can tell these are made 100% for you in our workshop based out of beautiful Northern Utah.

Custom Cateye FrameCustom Eyewear Custom Glasses Frame


What materials are available?

Like we said above you are able to choose from premium cellulose acetate, exotic hardwoods, or horn from water buffalo.

-Cellulose Acetate

Cellulose acetate comes from wood pulp and cotton. It's a hypo-allergenic materials that works so well for glasses because it's a natural material that is very gentle on your skin and lightweight on your face. Acetate is available in thousands of colors and patterns, from bright neon colors to neutral patterns. While many companies use acetate for there frames, there are many different grades and qualities available. We source the majority of our acetate from Mazzuchelli's factory in Italy. This is widely known as some of the highest quality premium acetate available and they have more options than anybody else. We also source some acetate from Japan, we enjoy working with this material because it's cured longer making it hold a polish longer. But it's more limited in colors than what we can get from Italy.

Custom Italian Acetate ColorsPremium Italian Acetate

-Exotic Woods

We can also craft glasses from almost any type of wood. We have the experience and technology available to create a fit with the correct amount of face form and pantoscopic tilt to make a comfortable fit. 


Horn is another material available. Every plate is unique and ranges from very light colors like whites and creams to a dark black with light striations throughout it. This is all ethically sourced with much of it coming from water buffalo in India. If you're really wanting a unique pair of glasses then horn is the material for you.

Buffalo Horn Plate for Glasses

How are they made?

When we say our glasses are handmade we truly mean it. Many of our frames are cut by hand. There are times we will start with a cutout from a CNC machine but all of the sanding, filing, laminating, and polishing is done by hand. This gives us the ability to control the quality from the start and ensure your tailored frame is the best of the best.

Custom Glasses

Our frames typically go through three to five separate rounds of sanding and polishing before we are satisfied with the shine and all imperfections have been removed from the material.

How do I get a Bespoke Frame?

The first step is to schedule a consultation with Travis. You can email us at either or At the consultation we will get a general idea of the style you're wanting and get the needed measurements needed to create prototypes and get your bespoke frames started!

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