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Can I Use My Flex Spending or Health Savings Accounts for Glasses?

We are often asked if you can use your Flex Spending (FSA) or Health Savings (HSA) Accounts to purchase glasses. The answer is YES! You can actually use the funds in your Flex Spending and Health Savings Accounts to purchase glasses, sunglasses, AND contacts. These are all considered health related expenses so they will cover the expense.

Some companies are a little pickier than others, and require them to be prescription glasses or prescription sunglasses. But this is entirely up to the company's discretion.

Flex Spending Accounts and some Health Savings Accounts limit the amount of money you're able to carry over to the following year. So at the end of the year keep an eye on your balance so you don't lose the money that can't be carried over. These savings accounts are often a great way to buy the eyewear you've been dreaming of but haven't had the money to purchase!