Costa Del Mar

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

Costa has quickly become a favorite of our customers since we started carrying them a few years ago. Whether you're an avid outdoorsman or just want the best polarized lenses to protect your eyes while your sitting by the pool, Costa has a style for you. Costa is headquartered in Daytona Beach, Florida and they have access to some of the best open water fishing in the world, this what pushed them to begin creating their high quality polarized lenses in 1983, they have since become known around the world for their 580 series of lenses.


Costa's frames are designed with an active lifestyle in mind. Many of their frames include features like rubber that gets tackier as you sweat on their temples and nosepieces. Their more casual frames are crafted from Italian Acetate. They also make lightweight frames that are minimal and flexible. Many of their styles are wraparound frames to provide peripheral protection.


Lenses are where Costa really shines, they started with their 400 series of lenses that were crisp and clear. Now their whole line is comprised of their 580 lenses, these are both available in Plastic and Glass. Plastic is lighter weight and more impact resistant. Glass is the most scratch resistant and the clearest material. All of Costa's lenses are polarized, this helps cut the glare and make it much more comfortable to wear, especially in bright light conditions. They are available in three colors, Grey, Copper, Sunrise, with the Grey and Copper being most popular. They also have the option to add a Silver mirror, Blue mirror, or Green mirror depending on the base color you choose.

Costa Del Mar's 580 lenses filter out the yellow light and enhance the red, blue, and green light, this helps to filter out the bright glaring light while improving contrast and depth perception. For fisherman this means improved vision while looking into the water to judge depth and potentially see more fish.


If you need prescription lenses, Costa has a wide range of availability. You can get these in any of their lens colors as well as add on mirrors. They also have the option for Single Vision, Progressives, and Blended Bifocal lens styles. This ensures that you can get the visual comfort desired with your prescription in them.

Optical Frames:

Costa released an optical line a couple years ago and they offer some of the great features you see in their sunglasses in their optical frames. Including the rubber on the temple tips and sporty stylings to help them keep up with even the most active lifestyles.