Feb31st is one of the most unique brands we feature in our stores, actually it's THE most unique brand featured in our stores. Imagine an eyewear line that's completely customizable, eco-friendly, and has more shapes than our imaginations can begin think of.

The common problem faced by all companies who use wood as their primary material for glasses is the fact wood doesn't flex, it's a rigid material that if flexed too much it will break. Feb31st has solved this problem by crafting their eyewear using 13 separate layers of wood and rubber pressed together using an industrial press. This does a couple things, first, the press creates what's called face form so it allows the glasses to curve around our faces, creating a better fit and allowing for better optics. Second, sandwiching the thin wood pieces with rubber creates a durable long lasting combination that's unlikely to break when flexed.

Each pair of glasses from Feb is a custom-made, one of a kind piece. Since their glasses are layered they give us the ability to customize each layer in the sandwich to add small pops of color throughout the frame, we can also request a chamfer to bevel part of the frame back so all of the layers appear in certain areas of the frames. With colors ranging from subtle wood grains with neutral stains to bright colors inspired by rainbows, Feb31st offers options for everybody! They have a handful of different collections throughout their brand, some paired with titanium to keep the lightweight feel but add a separate dimension. Others, feature Feb's latest technology allowing for extreme custom fits and styles that have never been seen before. To add to the long list of available customization's offered from in Feb31st's glasses, they also give us the option to offer customized engravings, and offer solutions to customize all fits like adding nose pads or getting adjustable temple tips.

Since bringing Feb31st into our stores, we have been overwhelmed with the options available and the option to make a pair of glasses that are truly one of a kind. They've revolutionized the wooden eyewear world and we can't wait to see what they'll come up with next!