Kid's Glasses

While we love helping all of our customers find their new glasses, kids often hold a special place in our hearts! They are always so much fun to help and they all have different personalities that crave different looks. Whether they want glasses to match their favorite color, or they saw some glasses their friends were wearing and want to match, we've got a lot of options for all of our kids that come in to see us.

For the active kids

All of our brands for kids include a two year warranty with all of the frames. But there are better options for kids that have been rough on their glasses in the past or kids that are very active and they need a frame that can keep up with all of their adventures.

Nano: Nano's have quickly become our favorite brand for kids. They're virtually indestructible, they have the option to not be worn with a strap or you can easily snap on either of their two straps they include, and they offer many colors for each of their frames. Nano's are unique in the fact that they are a flexible frame but their materials do not stretch out. They also have the best warranty we have come across for glasses, they cover everything except for loss for up to two years.

Miraflex: We have carried Miraflex frames for many years and they have been one of our go to's for durable frames for kids. They have the most options for available colors in their frames and they have many styles to fit baby's 0-6 months of age all the way to teenagers.

For the trendy dressers

We understand that there are parents and kids who want something a little more trendy and stylish instead of sporty and indestructible. For those kids we've found a few brands who offer some fun styles and colors but still have great warranties and impeccable quality.

Menizzi Kids: Menizzi was a brand we began carrying for a stylish option for petite faces, then they launched their kids collection and we have LOVED their styles they've released along with it. Menizzi offers a lot of bright pops of color in daring shapes. Their kids line has been optimized to fit kids features while adding fun styles to change up their look!

Lily Pulitzer: Lily gives us sooo many options from bright and trendy to neutral and reserved, they truly have it all for little girls. They have many options in both plastic and metal to give the perfect look.

Penguin: Penguin is fun brand for the little guys out there. They specialize in classic styles with a mix of neutral and fun colorways. A fun part of Penguin's brand is for every men's frame they make they make a smaller version made perfectly for kids.

For the budget conscious

We want to make sure kids get what they need for their eyewear so we have packages from a few brands in addition to our kids package where lenses are only $10. Our budget packages for kids start at $49.95 and includes frames and polycarbonate lenses.

Kids Bright Eyes: Kids Bright Eyes (KBE) offers durable frames with flexible hinges at an affordable price. They have a wide variety of frame types, they offer styles similar to Miraflex that are a flexible rubber, they also have other frames that are closer to a normal frame made with a flexible TR90 material.

Modern: Modern is a company that's been around for many years and they specialize in the basics making them affordable while stilling being decent quality. They have many options for kids in both plastics and metals.

As you can see there are many options for kids eyewear and some are more specialized than others. But our main concern is getting our next generation the eyewear that meets their needs and exceeds their parents expectations. Seeing is the main way of learning for kids so we believe in making that as accessible as possible.