No Longer Accepting Eyemed in 2020

Starting in 2020 we will no longer be accepting Eyemed vision insurance. A lot of thought, research, and discussion has gone into this decision and ultimately it made more sense for our customers to use their out of network benefits and utilize the incredible pricing we are able to pass on to all of you from our private labs.

A large reason for dropping off of Eyemed's provider list is because they force you to use their lab network to get your prescription lenses done, however their labs tend to be more expensive than many of the independent labs throughout the country. So their plans make it seem like they are giving you large discounts and save you a bunch of money, however they are using lenses that are more expensive from the beginning than we would typically use for a comparable product. So this drives up your cost before they discount it back down.

So after accepting Eyemed in network for the last ten or so years, we caught on to this recently and figured out we can save our customers around $100 and sometimes even more by using the great products our private labs offer and then billing your insurance for you out of network so you get reimbursed from Eyemed. Often times your cost out of pocket is still less than what you would pay after billing your insurance in network with Eyemed.

We understand it can be nerve wracking to move on and not use your benefit you've been paying for, but we've explained more in depth about the process of how we bill this and showed an example of a popular plan in Logan, Utah here.