Rudy Project

Rudy Project may not be as well known as some of their competitors like Oakley and Smith Optics, but don't let that fool you. The quality is unrivaled and the lens options are astonishing! Rudy Project's frames are all made in Italy and rather than inexpensively made by injection molding. Their one of the only sports oriented eyewear brands we have come across that actually give us the ability to adjust their frames and create the perfect fit.

Rudy Project Logo

Rudy Project started in Italy in 1985 and has been pioneering both eyewear technology and helmet technology in the cycling world ever since. Since 1985 they've developed many task specific lenses for different activities. While they are still on top of the cycling mountain when it comes to eyewear they also have great lens technology for golf and creative venting to get rid of those fogging issues we all hate.

ImpactX Lens Material

Rudy Project has developed a state of the art lens material that is virtually indesctructible. Every company has access to materials like Polycarbonate or Trivex but they have their drawbacks. Poly has poor optics compared to similar materials while Trivex is more expensive and heavier. ImpactX combines the lightweight properties of Polycarbonate and the great optics of Trivex and improves upon both. It's also available in Rudy's patented photochromic colors that aren't available anywhere else.

 Interchangeable Lenses

Since Rudy Project makes so many lenses for specific conditions they've also developed the majority of their frames to be able to interchange lenses. This allows you to continue to adapt to the changing light conditions and weather conditions.

Available in Prescription

Rudy Project has an excellent Rx lab that allows you to get any of their proprietary lens colors in their frames. This also allows them to develop the perfect lens shapes for a wide variety prescriptions and uses. On top of their Rx in frame technology they also have Rx adapters and inserts that can be interchanged between their sports frames and goggles so you don't have to worry about multiple pairs of glasses.

Overall we are ecstatic to bring Rudy Project into our offices. It finally gives us a great option for individuals who are always on the go and demand the highest quality from their eyewear!