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Spy Optic is the eyewear brand that's not afraid to be a little different. Started in 1994 with sunglasses they have since grown into a multi-faceted company specializing in sunglasses, prescription glasses, and goggles for snow and moto. They released their Happy Lens in 2014 and it's quickly become one of our favorite eyewear brands over the last 7+ years of carrying them.


Spy's sunglasses have a feel and style unlike any other company, they're durable, comfortable and include their incredibly clear Happy Lens. They offer a handful of different collections that appeal to different people, whether you want something you can run in, something to wear to the beach, or something that functions well for both, they have a style that will work well for you.

A lot of people want to know if the Happy Lens is just a gimmick for a cool name or if it actually serves a purpose, and the truth is the Happy Lens has a lot of science backing it. It's designed to block short wave blue light and allow long wave blue light through the lens rather than blocking it all. Short wave blue light can be thought of as the crazy scattered light that can contribute to glare or uncomfortably bright light. Long wave blue light has been shown to help monitor your circadian rhythm and exposure to long wave blue light also helps increase seratonin levels which helps improve your mood, hence the Happy Lens!

Spy's Happy Lens is also available in prescription in all three of their colors, Grey Green, Bronze, and Rose. The vast majority of their frames are also available with these lens colors and you can choose if you want polarized lenses or mirrored coatings too.


Spy's prescription eyewear frames have a lot of cool styles that are different than your everyday styles. They're not afraid to go out of box and offer frames with double bars or oversized sizes. They have a great mix of metals and plastics that are all backed with their great warranty.


Their goggles have really made their mark in the industry the last few years. They recently won snow goggle of the year for their innovation on their electrochromic One Lens lenses that allow you to adjust how dark or light the lens is at the push of a button. 

The moto goggles use many of the same frames as the snow goggles but include the incorporation of roll off's or tear off's. The goggles are made of strong grilamid material allowing them to be very strong.