Why did we choose to put an online store on our website?

Brick and Mortar vs Online

In the optical world a void has been created between brick and mortar optical stores vs online optical companies. Part of this feud has been the idea that online companies are unable to service their customers as well as brick and mortar offices. And without having customers in person how is an Optician going to measure and fit properly made eyewear? We will be the first to say that buying glasses online isn't for everybody, if you have a complex prescription or you know you've had a hard time getting glasses to fit perfectly it may be a better idea to find a trusted Optician that's local to you. However, we understand it's 2019 and technology is INSANE! With data available on how glasses fit so many different people and new programs to incorporate measurements, it's easier now than ever before to be able to order a custom made pair of glasses online and have them delivered to your doorstep within a week!

Why did we open an online store?

Buying glasses online instead of in an optical

We understand the convenience of shopping online, I mean Amazon is life, right? We felt like we were doing our customers a small disservice by not offering the option if they'd rather have the convenience of buying online. Travis has worked with online opticals in the past and saw that it could be done. So we have incorporated our new store into our refreshed website and hope to make it easier for all of our customers to get their new glasses!

Is there a right and wrong time to buy glasses online?

We have been dealing with the eye-care industry for longer than most people, so we've been able to see the different trends come and go. We love the ease of buying eyewear online, and the ability to browse current styles and trends at the ends of your fingertips. But along with our experience we also believe there are times that buying online may not be the best idea.

Complex prescriptions and fitting requirements can be a challenge to handle remotely, if you require prism for convergence issues it's better to see an Optician in person. Or if you have a hard time finding frames that fit perfectly it may be easier to try them on in person. 

But there are also a lot of great times to find your next pair of glasses online! Maybe you can't find a style in your town that you absolutely love. Or you're looking for an affordable option and maybe get a couple pairs of glasses. Or maybe it's just easier to save a trip in to town and get your glasses going without taking an hour to get everything picked out and started. The nice thing with Krystal Vision is we try to have options for everybody in our stores. But our exclusive collections online are a mix of affordability, quality, and most important style.

What can be expected from Krystal Vision's online store?

We have launched our own brands to feature both on our online store and in our physical locations, this allows us to give our customers different price points and options but still get the same quality that's become expected from our stores in Logan, Utah. We've tried to incorporate frames that give options of being more fashion forward and trendy to being more conservative and easy going along with everything in between. But most importantly, you'll find the same friendly and helpful customer service we've been offering for years!