We understand everybody has favorite brands in most aspects of their lives. But we also understand that there are a lot of brands especially in the eyewear world that many people haven't heard of. You'll find these unique and high quality brands in our stores. We strive to carry the independent brands that are truly crafted rather than mass produced in factories with poor materials and no craftsmanship. Here's a highlight of some of our favorite brands in store right now!

Arlo Eyewear:

Arlo is our own creation, much of what you see on our website is Arlo and Krystal Vision! It's slowly become our baby and we couldn't be more proud of where it is today and where it's going to be years from now! This collection is largely made up of classic Acetate shapes complimented with Titanium frames you never knew you needed! You can check out the full collection here.

Laibach & York:

Laibach is one of our personal favorites because it offers something completely different than what you're going to find at your every day optical. Their collection is made up of just 11 styles and ready to sell in five off the shelf colors. But what makes these so different is they afford you the ability to Custom make the colors in any of their 11 styles! With literally thousands of acetate options to choose from you can make something that literally nobody else in the world will be wearing!

Laibach York Shine CollectionLaibach York Amsterdam in ConfettiLaibach York Shine collection


Feb31st is another one of our ultra unique collections, handcrafted primarily from wood and stainless steel they have hundreds of shapes to choose from and also have the ability to custom make your own one of a kind frame by choosing color options for each layer. Feb's wood frames are unique in the fact that they are constructed in layers, so each layer of wood is pressed together with a rubber composite to make a strong base for your frames to last for years to come!

Color swatches for Feb31stGentleman wearing Feb31stHand picking color swatches for Feb31st


Raen has been one of our most popular lines for years, the styles really draw from their surf inspired culture in Southern California. Raen's styles speak to people that want something simple but robustly built. The majority of their styles have been crafted from acetate but they've recently released more thin metals in booth their prescription line as well as their sunglasses.

Raen Remmy Alchemy in SlateA guy wearing the Raen WileyRaen Remmy Alchemy in Wren

Article One:

Article One is a line that really stands out with their quality, their frames are handcrafted in small factories in Italy and it really shows when you hold their frames. Their riveted hinges hold up to just about anything and they feature neutral colors that have incredible depth. Article One also offers an active sunglass collection that knocked our socks off! Think classic styles that you can run marathons in and then grab coffee on the weekends.

A guy wearing the Article One WeberArticle One Cafe du Cycliste active sunglassWoman wearing the Article One Vista

Spy Optic:

Spy has been around since 1994 and based themselves around action sports. This has helped curate a brand and company that's become known for their durable sunglasses and overall fun outlook on life! Spy now offers their own prescription line and the ability to have their HD+ and Happy sunglass lenses done in prescription.

Spy Optic Cyrus and Rocky with replacement lensesA gentleman wearing the Spy Hale with prescription lenses.Dirty Mo 2

Ovvo Optics:

If you need glasses that are virtually indestructible and lightweight then Ovvo is the perfect option for you. Ovvo's frames are handmade in Poland and are the epitome of European style. Crafted from their own blend of titanium and surgical steel, the frames truly speak for themselves when you see what they are capable of.

Ovvo Optics mens frame Ovvo exotic wood frameOvvo women's 24 karat rolled gold frame


Modo is one of our most popular brands, they are always releasing fun new styles with colors that nobody else is thinking about! They're lightweight, strong, and many of their frames utilize a titanium core or titanium through their temples. They have also opened a factory in Brooklyn and have added to the few companies making eyewear in the states now!

Modo Brooklyn made framesModel wearing Modo sunglassModo paper thin titanium frames


Nw77th was started by the Erker family in St. Louis, MO and has a fun mix of color pops combined with classic shapes! Nw77th is also another one of our brands made here in the United States. Since founding their own store in 1879 the Erker's have pioneered their own shops and grown to be one of the most influential optical families in the country.

 Nw77th Haymaker in black, gold, red, and gunmetalNw77th Robohop in burgundy greenNw77th Knickers in clear