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Custom Handmade Frames

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The Story

As a third generation Optician in a family owned business I have always wanted to know how to create a frame from nothing. I've been inside lens labs to see how Rx lenses are created and I've done finishing work and repair work for years. But there aren't many people crafting eyewear in the United States any longer so it's much more difficult to figure out how it's done.

Once I had the opportunity to learn I jumped on it. I was lucky enough to learn from Master Optician Kevin Count. He was able to attend the MOF in Morez, France to learn firsthand how to create some of the highest quality eyewear in the world. So after being lucky enough to be one of three to learn from Kevin's first workshop and a lot of trial and error I'm happy to bring handcrafted bespoke eyewear to Utah and the U.S.

Custom Designs

All designs are originals. Our ready to wear frames are typically created from limited edition colors but can be crafted in many other colors. Our only limitation is our imagination, so we can create something as crazy or classic as your heart desires.

If you have a design you have your heart set on but can't find it anywhere, send us a picture or drawing and we can match it and tailor it to fit you.

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Bespoke Custom Eyewear

Bespoke eyewear is somewhat of a lost art, the craft to create something completely custom made that has been tailor fit to one particular client is new to Utah and not available in much of the United States.

When we craft a bespoke frame we take precise measurements and 3D scans to ensure the fit will be perfect. We hand pick materials and colorways to meet the client's expectations. And we create multiple prototypes to ensure the finished style is PERFECT.

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Custom Made

Tailor made to fit you perfectly. The style is created specifically for you and the colors and materials are hand picked to perfectly embody what you're wanting.

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Premium Materials

Crafted from the highest end materials. Italian Cellulose Acetate, Luxurious Woods, or ethically sourced Water Buffalo Horn.

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Highest Quality

Every frame is handmade. This means that everything is inspected multiple times and meticulously filed, sanded, and polished until the final frame is flawless.

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