General Questions

What do I need to order prescription eyeglasses?

-A valid glasses prescription is required for all eyewear ordered. This can be obtained from your local Optometrist or Ophthalmologist. Also a PD measurement helps us assure accuracy. Here's a page showing different ways to measure PD's here.

How do I know if the frames will fit?

-Call our office at 1-435-752-5796 or chat with one of our team members and we can assist you based on glasses you may currently be wearing, your PD measurement, hat size, or many other measurements.

Can I use my Contact prescription to order glasses?

-No, you're contact prescription is designed for a lens sitting on the surface of your eye. Lenses in glasses typically sit 16-17mm away from your eye so the powers will be different.

How do I measure my Pupillary Distance (PD)?

-Follow this link for a video tutorial on how to measure your PD yourself here. Also, if you have and iPhone X or later you can use an app like EyeMeasure from Dotty.

Can I order glasses without prescription lenses?

-Yes, but you will have to call (1-435-752-5796) to process this order. This will include CR39 lenses with an Anti Reflective coating.

Can lenses be put into my existing frame?

-We are able to do this but you have to send your frame in so one of our certified Optician's can take a closer look and inspect the frame for any defects. If the frame is in good condition we can do lenses only for our lens prices listed on the product pages of our site.

Can I order the frame only?

-Yes, all frames have the option to order the frame only without prescription lenses.

Are glasses inspected before shipping?

-Yes, all glasses go through multiple inspections as well as a final inspection before shipping. This verify's that all glasses shipped include accurate prescriptions, measurements, and that the frame is in perfect condition.

Prescription Questions

I'm having a hard time entering my prescription. Can I send it to you?

-Yes, you can email it to krystalvisionco@gmail.com. You can also fax it to 1-435-753-0141.

How do I get a glasses prescription?

-You can visit any local Optometrist or Ophthalmologist office to get an eye exam.

Do I need a current glasses prescription to order glasses?

-Yes, we cannot fill an expired prescription. Most glasses prescriptions are good for two years but this is done at the doctors discretion.

How do I send you my glasses prescription?

-You can email it to krystalvisionco@gmail.com, we can call your current eye doctor's office, or you can fax it to 435-753-0141.

 Products & Services

Are eyeglasses eligible for Flex Spending and Health Savings Accounts?

-Yes, eyeglasses are eligible to be purchased using your flex spending and/or health savings accounts. We can also make an itemized invoice if they question the purchase.

Do you process lenses in house or do you outsource?

-We have a finish lab in our office which allows us to process orders faster than most opticals.

What are your lenses made of?

-We offer many different lens materials. The two that we use most commonly are Polycarbonate and High Index. Both are versatile materials, to learn more take a look at this page.

Do you sell prescription sunglasses?

-Any of our glasses can be turned into a sunglass. We have both tinted lenses and polarized lenses available. We are also working on launching an exclusive sunglass collection that will be launched in the near future, so stay tuned!

What are transitions?

-Transition or photochromic lenses are lenses that darken when you go outside and will vary in darkness depending on how bright the light conditions are. One thing to keep in mind with all photochromic lenses is they do not darken as well in your car because the windshield and windows in your car block the majority of UV rays which cause the lenses to change colors.

What is no glare or Anti Reflective (AR)?

-Anti reflective coatings were invented to decrease glare and halos caused by prescription lenses. This helps with halos and glare caused by many things like overhead lights, computer screens, and driving at night. Anti reflective coatings also offer a harder scratch coating.


How long will it take for my glasses to arrive?

-Glasses typically take 7-10 business days to be completed and shipped. If there are any delays one of our team members will reach out to update you.

Do you ship internationally?

-At this time we do not ship internationally.

What are my shipping options?

-Our free shipping includes shipping via USPS Priority Mail. If you desire another shipping method please give us a call (1-435-752-5796).

Do you ship signature required?

-We do not ship signature required at this time.

Other Questions

Do you sell tints?

-Yes we can apply a tint to any of our lenses. This costs $30.

Do you sell Bifocals?

-We offer progressive lenses otherwise known as no-line bifocals. These give you distance vision that progresses down to your full reading power.

How do I get my frames adjusted?

-If you are located near the Cache Valley area we are happy to adjust and fit your glasses. You can stop by either of our offices to get this done. If you are located out of state then you can visit a local optical and they can also adjust your glasses. If they request a charge let us know and we can reimburse you.

Difference between Titanium and Steel?

-While Titanium and Stainless-Steel are both metal materials that frames are made out of there are a couple notable differences. First being Titanium is lighter weight, it's also hypo-allergenic so if you have sensitive skin it's typically the better option. Titanium is also stronger than Stainless-Steel and tends to last longer.

Insurance Questions

Can I use my vision insurance?

-Vision insurance can be used on any prescription eyewear purchase. If we do not accept your insurance plan directly we can bill it out of network. If you have vision insurance you'd like to use please contact us and we can pull your benefits to see what they will cover.

What vision insurance does Krystal Vision accept?

-Krystal Vision accepts many local insurance plans such as Town & Country and Opticare of Utah. If you have a different vision plan (ie. VSP, Eyemed, Cigna Vision, etc.) please contact us and we can pull your benefits to tell you how much you will receive billing your glasses out of network.

What if I don't know the name of my vision plan?

-We can typically pull insurance benefits using patients name, DOB, address, as well as a couple other bits of information. If we are unable to find the vision plan you will have to talk to you HR Manager or whomever is in charge of your enrollment for insurance plans.

Can I use additional discounts with insurance?

-We cannot accept any other discounts when we bill insurances directly. However, if we bill the insurance out of network you can use any other valid discount code. If you don't see a current discount code please reach out and we will give you a one time discount code to make up the difference of going out of network with your insurance.