How To Measure Your PD

Having your PD allows us to make the most accurate glasses possible. There are many ways to find this, here's a few ways you can measure yourself.

  • What is a PD (pupillary distance)?
    • Your PD is the distance between the center of your eyes in millimeters.
  • What does my PD do?
    • Having your PD allows us to match the optical centers of the lenses to the centers of your eyes, giving you the clearest vision possible.

Ways to measure your PD:

There are many ways to measure your PD for your glasses. The best way tends to be from an Optician, they have the tools to make sure it's accurate and measure it for the correct focal lengths. But you'll see below that there are a few other ways to do it yourself below.

  • If you've purchased eyeglasses from an optical recently then your PD measurement may be a part of your record and they should give it to you. If they don't give it to you here are a few ways you can measure this yourself.


If you can't get your measurement from an Optician or you'd rather do it yourself, here are a couple ways to obtain this measurement.

Option #1:

To do it this way you'll need a ruler that has measurements in millimeter increments. If you don't have a ruler you can use this printable PDF ruler here. You'll use your ruler like the image below. Holding the start of the ruler at the center of one pupil and measuring across to the center of the other pupil.

PD Measurement

Option #2:

 If you don't have a ruler or access to a printer then we can also use a computer program to measure your PD. Just follow these instructions or watch the video below and follow along.

  1. Get any card with magnetic strip that's used to swipe (Ex. credit/debit card, gift card, etc). We want to see the back of the card please cover any crucial information if there is any on the back.
  2. Position your computer, phone or camera straight ahead.
  3. Hold the card against the center of your chin just underneath your mouth, with the magnetic strip visible.
  4. Take a picture.
  5. Send this picture to and we will take care of the rest

Measuring your PD is free to all online customers purchasing from Krystal Vision. We will link the PD to your file once your order is placed. If you are planning on purchasing your new eyewear from another company there is a $20 charge to measure your PD, as it takes both our time and technology to get this measurement.